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Go find yourself a tiered link diagram so you can understand it properly. I have never done it though. Let us know how you get on. Hello Nick and Matt, I want to know if GSA will work on a french site, or we have to use a technique to rank french website in google. I would recommend at least 5 semi dedicates from BuyProxies. Thanks for writing such a great post!

How To Earn $1, With Nothing But Pure Blackhat SEO Spam

As I heard recently, that ranking a Youtube video on Google these days is not as easy as it was before! What I wonder now is shall I apply the same exact tactic to Youtube videos to let them show up on Google page 1? If yes, is there a tweak or sth that I should know about before running my GSA campaign regarding ranking videos?

I tried this with a youtube video. I did a test, one with GSA and one natural. The natural one outranks the GSA one. Help me understand onde thing. Iz the same thing for Tier 1 CDF? And about the Tier 2 CDF and 3? I know the platforms are the same. But you keep the keywords and everything the same? So as it pretty clear from sentence above: You cloak your CB link? How r earnings now? Has google slapped u? You created spam content also for tier 1? Tier one of course.

How To Earn $1,000 With Nothing But Pure Blackhat SEO Spam

You want them pointing to the money site. Keep up the great work! I am an SEO newbie and I would not consider myself anywhere close to tech savvy. My questions might also sound kinda silly but I got couple of them. I have 4 wordpress sites so far and I simply use webhostinghub for hosting 3 are addon domains to the main website.

Yes, great advice, hit the web hosting talk forum.

Can someone tell me the best way forward? The best way to learn is by building a basic understanding of SEO, then just doing it. There is no magic bullet solution. Throw sites together, then try different link building strategys and measure the results. The experience you will get from that is 1,x more valuable than any guide.

Out of interest have you two started any new sites since the purported new sandbox was introduced in the latest payday loans update? Some terms are taking a lot longer to start to lift. Experiment with lower link velocity and better quality ones. By any chance would you be able to create a GSA template for this? To be honest, you have a basic template if you try to follow the above. The best thing to do is spend half a day building a site then spend the other half messing with GSA. If I gave you one of mine, what would you learn?

I am putting one together for my blog as loads of people are asking. Can you specify your strategy there? No, no fresh content. I may be wrong but I have very dormant sites still getting the same traffic as 2 years ago. I am interested in your sales copy home page of your site design.

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Did you make that template yourself or you modify some theme. Your link building strategy is vary vaguely described. This right here devalued your whole thread by a lot IMHO.

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This is more of a 2 step ranking process where one of it is building web2s. These google updates were clearly targeting churn and burners, but one of the biggest changes that came with it was the extended sandbox period. It seems to be making it harder to rank spammy sites. Affiliate networks and programs. Do you have a discount coupon for buying ask the required tools mentioned in this case study?

Plus where should I start to look for information to learn these tools before using them. Woodward, that you would promote this kind of spammy garbage! If I want to rank my site for different keywords. Could I just use GSA to spam those keywords for my site and not actually have them on my site? But what I did not like is copying content from other sources. Otherwise, the spam tiered link building strategy used for ranking this site and making some quick bucks is great. Copied content was spliced to create new content. No different to any content scraper out there, just done manually to achieve more control.

Could you use this exact same strategy using a blogger site, and are they any benefits in using wordpress instead. Thanks for the reply. I would never use it for a long term website. You should never use a web 2. I do have a GSA related question however. When setting a campaign up, what was the reason for you to break the tiers up into web and not web.

Should I have for example, one type of link building say article directories in one tier, then a totally different set for other things, or can i run GSA tier 1 for example on web 2. This has few extra web2.

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It really is just bolstering the tier 1 CDF tier. You have to have it set up separately for it to work. You want to focus on do follow contextual relevance for the most part of the core of the tiers. Has anyone tried this software BTW? Sounds like a good software to have. Could you aproximate your total cost of this campaign? Run it as a separate project in tier 1 though. It is great that the case study sill has the value and your website is still ranking. I am not sure about the website as it is not mentioned here and could not really say you are true. If you could have given the website name then this case study could have been looked much genuine.

However, I do have one question.

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Some of these information is missing or confusing so I just thought to clarify it. Are you happy to replace the lost affiliate income if the site is revealed and consequently slapped? I really tried hard to get what Nick has told here. I also want to try this on my affiliate site which is way behind in 11th page of google.

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I do not have much funds to invest in VPS. You also have to leave the computer on all day. Our city full of SEOer, we are now facing the spam problem. And we now have to re-design our strategy. The long term war has began. Google star the war and we will fight against. So we are now targeting the long term words first and them spamming the main keywords.