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To be honest, yes I care. This is a biased answer but I was seeing a girl who was rich as hell and although I never met them, she always seemed to give off this vibe that her parents wouldn't approve of me even though I'm an intelligent, articulate person. I felt like I would never be able to spoil her the way her dad could and, whether you ask it or not, most rich girls are pretty spoiled and "Daddy's little princess.

But if you're truly as modest as you say you are, then it shouldn't be that big a deal. I wouldn't say I'm modest, I might be more humble but it's all perception right? That's what I'm worried about. You had a bad experience with a girl but you say it'll definitely turn you off in any case.

But he doesn't know me well enough but would he assume that I'm spoiled anyway just by the way I dress, my car, phone etc? Humble's what I actually meant. Yeah, if you look rich, then he's gonna assume your dad bought it for you I don't know what your car is but if it's nice, and at our age, no one's gonna think you paid for it with your own money.

Honesty, its less stress as a guy to date someone who comes from less because no one especially women I think wants, as adults, to live worse lives than they did as kids which becomes a lot more restricting when you're well off. If he likes you enough, then it truly won't be that big a deal, though.

Are guys intimidated by rich girls (girls whose families are wealthy)? - GirlsAskGuys

No, he definitely wouldn't think I bought it for myself- he makes more money than me at our workplace. I don't mean to bring up bad memories but it didn't stop you from asking her out when you were unbiased, did it? May I ask, are you actually working at a place for a career like have you graduated college or just something where he's been there longer? That's better to know: I really don't want guys to be intimidated but I don't want to hide it either because eventually they'll find out.

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We're all in school and working part-time. He's planning on applying to law school and I want to work for another non-profit organization. It's good work experience.

No man wants to disappoint their girlfriends parents, they worry about that more then they do about bills or STDs. Yeah I would still ask her out regardless if I knew about it or didn't , just means I hit the jackpot lol just kidding.

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  • Are guys intimidated by rich girls (girls whose families are wealthy)??
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That kind of pressure doesn't hit me till I meet the parents for dinner or something, but I would still hang in there for her. Yes, I am intimidated by rich girls because even if she does like me, her father is going to disapprove our relationship because I do not earn as much as her father.

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  7. It doesn't bother me at all. The only times when it would be an issue is 1 you try to hold it over me, 2 you expect things that I may not be able to give you, 3 you listen to your family telling you not be be with a guy like me If you like me for me, then everything is fine. He shouldn't be intimidated becasue he'll be dating UP the social latter, whereas you'll be dating DOWN the social latter.

    The values issue I think would be the most significant. By judging her solely on the fact that she comes from money is kind of unfair. Also the statement made that women don't like being with men that makes less than them is a little off as well. I'd honestly be good with whatever income they make as long as they worked hard and were working at something they loved to do. I can understand how her background could be intimidating but I would suggest finding out more about her before you write her off.

    I'm curious about the statement you made about her having mommy and daddy to fall back on. Is that the vibe you are getting or is this your biases?

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    Being off for 10 years without a definite career isn't necessarily the root of all evils either. Honestly, if I wouldn't have found myself to be all familied up at a young age I probably would have spent my youth traveling working whatever jobs I could find around the world before settling down. I met two trust fund ladies last year. They are just people who got lucky there parents have tons of money and will always be financially safe. Sure they probably spend money on some luxuries you would not, or have the ability to buy most things they desire without second thought but that doesn't make them bad.

    I wouldn't judge this girl you are flirting negatively based on her simply being born into money. Learn about her personality and character. There are plenty of broke and crazy chicks out their too. I am not sure I have resentment but I have been around extremely affluent people before.

    How to Date a Rich Girl: a Guide from Gurus

    I know their deal and how they think. I am not putting them down but they are what they are. Most of them have no concept of what it means to work for a living because they dont have too. They have no concept of sacrifice either because they have never had too. Honestly I dont know how much her parents fork over if anything.

    Its just the vibe I am getting. How bad would it be if I just stopped talking to her and faded out? There's nothing to stop you from ending flirtation and fading out. Considering that it bothers you, this is the best course of action. But I am curious of the underpinnings to your attitude and assumptions, considering how little you know of her.

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