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Your site sucks in its accessability Oasis Active generates fake profiles themselves in order to attract men. I received this reliable info from a hacker that has access to ANY profile there and he can, actually, see the source..

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And worse, they sell your info from real profiles to other parties. You probably noticed an influx of spam emails arriving to your mail box!! Free and easy to use. Free and easy to use, like everywhere online there are scammers you just need to be careful thats all. You get what you pay for or not! Crappy website ruined my life. Narcissists, liars, pedophiles, sociopaths, psychopaths etc. Had terrible experiences on here which have traumatized me. Lots of mentally unstable people.

People who play mind games or use you and a tone of kinky men. Want to find love? Do NOT use this website at all. I swear to god not one person i have met on this website is trustworthy. Pof is a better option. Semi decent for a free dating site. Unlike other dating sites, you can actually filter the criteria like age and location.

Just be mindful that you may run into the scammers and those wanting a bit of fluff on the side of their marriage or already existing relationship. Trust nobody and don't be so willing to give out personal details so quickly. Tired of swiping left or right?

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Get off your device and go meet people in real life. Didn't answer feedback when i wrote to them. I have been on and off few years Too easy to sign on.. Banning for rude and inappropriate behavior needs to be addressed Fake and superficial website loaded with scammers and fake profiles that are created by the people running this rubbish website.

Through this dating site, I met this interesting woman, a year-old bank teller. We were consistently chatting for almost a month, and then we decided to meet up.

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Although the site's choice of layout and color scheme feels a bit lackluster, at least it is functional. The site's use of tabs, navigational menus and drop-down menus are on point, so all features are accessible in a very organized manner. Pages take a short time to load, even pages like the match result page, which contains several pictures. Although Oasis Active is a free online dating site, it does have special features to liven up its users' dating experience.

There are also a couple of perks that you can get by paying an additional fee. Users get a list of members who have checked out their profile and are interested in meeting them. Since they already like you, all you need to do is sift through the page to see which ones you like back. With most dating sites, you are either interested or not interested in another person. With Oasis Active, you can place a certain member in your Maybe list if you aren't that interested in them, but you don't want to completely cross them out of your list of matches.

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You can always get back to them later on if you change your mind. You can choose from a selection of predefined messages, which the site will then broadcast to other active members who match your criteria. The Shoutout feature requires an additional fee and isn't part of the site's free services. Although there are perks which users must pay for, users can make do without them and can enjoy the site fully even without these perks. Each member has a private gallery which they can add pictures to.

Oasis Active Reviews and Complaints

These pictures are hidden from other users. To allow other users to see your private photos, you can send them a contact request. People on your contact list will be able to see your private gallery. There is no way to remove your social media links from your profile. Your social media buttons will still be linked to your profile, but at least it won't be visible to the public. If the option to like someone's profile is not available to you, it just means that the user has seen your profile before and chose the "No" option, meaning they're not interested.

Yes, users have the option to report others for rude or offensive behaviour. If someone sends you an inappropriate message, go to their profile page and click the whistle icon to report them.

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Terrible dating site full of sleaze bags who like to send nude pics to women who just want to be tak. This site is terrible, designed for guys who just want to pick up. Wouldn't recommend, there's no censoring or preventing them from sending inappropriate pics keep your guard up ladies. Write a review on ProductReview.

Why so negative people? Post separation I went on a dating site binge. Hated a lot of others. Wasn't going to try Oasis as I had used it years ago but I did anyway. Yeah, there are a lot of rude chicks. And scam profiles trying to lure you elsewhere.

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It's a problem on paid sites too. I had great success. Wasn't really looking for a serious relationship and was able to meet a few chicks from this site. Slept with a few. Played around with cyber hook and story telling. And then by a complete twist of fate actually met someone who is crazily compatible with me. We've been together about 5 months now. Bottom line, if you aren't having any success, don't blame the site.

And pick up your game. Coz Oasis rocks imho. Women are Rude only good site if you are a women as they get to pick and Choose who they like and can discard you at the drop of a hat most of them are just insecure don't know what they want in life they will wait 30 years if they have to woman have to much patience it's just typical of them. The site logs you out all the time.

The only way to meet woman is to get out in the real world and try there as sitting on your butt behind a computer screen or your phone is just lazy and you spend your life on your phone anyway poor site give up:. I am a mature member of this site. What it offers for free is good. I like being able to choose who I will reply to, and discard who I don't wish to reply to.

Any problems are with the users themselves. I find that no matter how much I spell out what I do and don't want, my words are disregarded and contacts are often misleading and inappropriate. Some of the behaviour from socalled mature users beggars belief!

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