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Well hey, for all his muscles, maybe Joe Manganiello doesn't need that long, if you catch our drift. Did you feel robbed that Sookie and Alcide's relationship was so short-lived?

True Blood Eric & Sookie "You staked him to save me" 6x1

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'True Blood': 15 Sexiest Hookups

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Sookie never had sex with Alcide! THey almost did, but Bill compelled him to see her as undesirable and they never had sex. Also… Eric and Pam had sex.

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This is inaccurate as far as the TV show so far. Sookie took one long look at his bare pecs and?


Even if Sookie had been sober, Bill and Eric were waiting in the doorway to spoil the fun. In preparation for his pack master face-off, Rikki joined Alcide for a rather acrobatic training session.

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After wrestling in the barn, the two took the roughhousing to the sheets. This scene was the werewolf equivalent of gym sex fantasy.

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They balked at first, then bit. It was worth the wait, as James lifted her higher than Jason or Hoyt ever could. And as he said, this was just the beginning. Jason and his girlfriend guest star Lizzy Caplan enjoy the trippiest hook-up on True Blood so far, but swimming through the sparkly forest naked while high on vampire blood will easily earn you that distinction.

‘True Blood’ Season 5: What Killed Sookie and Alcide Hooking Up?

Forget thanking the vampire, Amy; thank you, Ryan Kwanten! Sookie had some steamy dreams about Eric after being tricked into drinking his blood earlier in the series, but nothing beats the real thing which continued back at her house on the floor, in the chair, and on the bed. Who cares if he just climbed out of a grave? Predictably, a scene kick-started with a Little Red Riding Hood costume and a popsicle was anything but dull.

Home Gallery 'True Blood': Pam flashes back to her first encounter with Eric. Season 5, episode 2 Scene: Sookie can't hold her liquor sorry, Alcide!

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