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So that piece of garbage PT and T92 should go to the another tier too and be forever useless? What about the IS-2 mod 44? Longer reload, worse penetration, worse accuaraty, everything, except the sloped part of the hull is a weakspot May i ask here how im suppost kill T10m, is-3, and other super sloped tanks with. Elefant, tiger 2 and panther? Because im having really having bad time with those because. Only place where you can shoot is that small square below angles parts.

So tell me how im going to kill them or what about t44 vs maus, Jagdtiger? Also dont have best ammo for it?

While personally i have to say problem in Post war tanks vs ww2 tanks are these 3 reasons why i dont like them fighting each other. Even more if they dont share simiar buffs to deal each other. Post war tanks are super angled compared to ww2 tanks. Take look elefant super durable slow tank. With oblivious weak spots on front.

Tiger 2 matchmaking is a joke?

Also it genius desing like t44 body has. While T44 and other tanks has like 5x better.

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What block tiger 2 shot from m if shot body part. Like first tank with good angles were panthers on nazi tanks. Because if they did not have that ammo. They only could kill Tiger 2 by rear and flanking. Its facing T10m and other super durable tanks by angles on them.

Tiger II- Good matchmaking with Tiger II-

How is he suppost to kill enemy only small box area on frontal counter or try get behind them. Try that in arcane. Realistic has more chances but those are really small. Seriusly panther barely can reserve while you watch post war tanks. Damn race cars compared to ww2 tanks.

Correct me if im mistaking that ammo part. Where some tank get ammo what they did not have on war time. While really like to get some info about how can gigant slumpering Elefant can kill those tanks with default ammo?. So can anyone explain how is this fair. When some faction on ww2 gets balanced by post war ammo while some tanks who had terible chances deal enemy tank they get it?

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Tiger 2 and 7. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted December 8, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted December 9, What the hell with the stupid twitching? Its to slow, heavy and cumbersome to be out armored and out gunned so easy Now imagine a guy that just got M Posted December 10, Posted December 14, If you want have fun with germans tanks, go for Tiger 1 5. Posted December 15, HemanathanRX7, on 17 February - This is why some forumers got trolled at the end.

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And I doubt you'll be safe from it. I agree with Lorny, Play more in it. Then state your views about it Resurrected, and battle ready. Death, on 17 February - And what's this 'yellows' crap, you may be better than me, congratulations, but I dislike being belittled by someone with their head up their ass. And to Nahar, of course, I'm going to be playing more games in it, and I'm sure everything will balance out eventually. What do you mean 3k games tier 8 already by the way?

It's normal to be told what Lornitz told you if you do something like that. It's not normal for the person on the receiving end to say "piss off". The ones that usually act like that are the people with less games or are just bad tanks. Hence, why I said it NaharArkwing, on 17 February - Around 5k battle for my first tier 8, King Tiger too not counting premium, which i purchased earlier. Angled right, this tank with Production series turret could do wonder.

Just don't show your sides, my Chi-Ri and Comet reaaaaly love turret side of King tiger. Back to World of Tanks for now. Otakubouzu, on 17 February - As for the gun I hope you're for some reason still using the 17 pdr, because the two 20 pdrs are among the best tier VIII guns. Playing without Mods would be boring. Alright, my apologies if my post hurts you. Community Forum Software by IP.

Search Advanced Search section: Liamv 1 Posted 17 February - Finally bought my first tier 8 heavy, the tiger II!

Tiger II any good?

Lornitz 2 Posted 17 February - Only 10 battles, go beyond that number before whining.. Because one does not die when he is killed. One dies when he is forgotten.

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That's why we will live forever as a legend. I feel like that in my AT Its slow, armour is unreliable at tier 8, tier 9 and 10s just autoaim you and pen, the gun struggles on T10s even with gold. And i get a stupid amount of T10 games Apparently 'cause the SEA server matchmaker is really top-heavy with scrub T10 drivers. Liamv 4 Posted 17 February - Death 7 Posted 17 February - LukieT 9 Posted 17 February - Just bad luck with MM.

My 1st ten games in the T28 proto were all with tier 10s then it got better. Stick with it you'll be crushing tier 6s sooner or later.