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Their profession enables them to circumnavigate the globe for free. Having been to different places all over the world, they have tons of stories to tell about their travels and experiences.

Their pleasant sense of humor made dates worthwhile, definitely no dull moments, only good laughs! Have Desirable traits They are caring and understanding. Because of the length of time that they are away from their love o nes, they are always trying to make up for the lost time whenever the come home, forgetting the rank they hold onboard the ship.

They are patient, flexible and kind. If they are quitters, they would not last a month on board. They can apply the same patience and perseverance in keeping a relationship. They have a way with words. So ladies, don't be influenced by some negative perceptions. Don't be afraid to fall in love with them, it's the only way to discover the beauty and joy in loving the great men of the seas! Koh Leighn at 9: Humor , love , Seafarer , Ship.

He Loved Ships, And She Loved Him

Cookie Mom January 8, at 8: Anonymous November 19, at 1: Melo Smith June 29, at It would honestly be like living with a stranger. On the other hand, if a person is VERY independent and wants someone that's only there occasionally, it might work for them. I just think the intimacy that comes with living together would kind of be lost in that situation.

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This is just like someone being in the Navy. Whre I live, the Navy is big, and this is common. Husbands and wives alike have to ship out for 6mos at a time all the time. Would your work allow visits home?

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Her to visit you? In the Navy, that doesn't happen, they get home when they get home, and the people marry eachother, knowing this. If its what you want NOW, then I suppose do it. If you can find a woman that can deal with it, good for you. Hopefully it can work for you, and hopefully you will be able to visit eachother. There are so many kids out there NAVY that miss out, and the parent misses out, on alot due to deployment or routine 'ship out to seas. I'm not lost, I'm exploring! I rounded out the pole. Now it's completely even with yes, no, and not sure.

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I wouldn't rule out someone who had to work for several months at a time away from home. They are the best partners for free spirited and independent girls who want to experience life beyond society. Sailors think free and their thoughts are not bounded by the customs of the society.

Be with them only when you can appreciate that kind of thought process. Your vacation or plans can never go wrong with a sailor as they are full of innovative and fun ideas. Planning a vacation is easy as well as a difficult task with them as they have seen almost all the places and their experience speaks a lot.

Using that, one can plan the best time to go, the places to see, the places to stay etc. Also they are the most romantics at heart and are full of all the different ideas beyond imagination. So wait for your birthdays and anniversaries to be planned by them. When at home and in mood, they are a real laugh and can make you smile from your heart. Your life can not be any better if you find the right sailor for you. They are both emotional and free spirited at the same time. Being married to a sailor, loves to write and share the thoughts and experiences on behalf of all the queens.

Some day would love to have my passport full of stamps from around the world. In my free time i enjoy music and experimenting in the kitchen.

In a nutshell: Top Ten (10) reasons for Loving a Merchant Marine Officer

Being a Professional Maritime Blogger, I enjoy writing every bit of it. I am a self employed. Holding an Maritime Training Institute.

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My husband is a Sailor too. He is a Barge Master.

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All qualities he has. But being both being into same fields we both are independent.